2008 Collaboration and Interoperability Conference

The 2008 Collaboration and Interoperability Conference held in Denver, CO this year was a great success. My colleague Doug Halliday and I attended and in looking back I honestly can say it was one of the best events in recent memory.

David Prawel, of Longview Advisors, and Bill Abramson did a terrific job bringing together experts from the manufacturing and software industries in an intimate setting that really enabled a lot of informal discussions interspersed between the various presentations and panels. I participated in a panel that examined whether or not the various lightweight formats are on a collision course with the various standards efforts and was joined by people from Siemens, Right Hemisphere, Lattice, NIST and PDES, Inc. To help prepare us for the panel, David Prawel asked us all to think about several topics prior to stimulate the thought process and as these things go, the conversation amongst the panelists that ensued hit some of the topics squarely, missed many completely and merely touched on others. I really think many of the questions he posed are relevant to the manufacturing industry and will pull from my notes and the conversations with the other panelists to post several blog entries in the near future in hopes of continuing the dialogue. So, stay tuned!

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