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About Acrobat Pro Extended and 3D Formats

We hear very often the question whether a 3D format is supported in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, and in some cases the response is a) "yes, all current versions", or b) "yes, up to version X", or c) "no, it is not supported". On the same subject of formats, there is increasing interest in the 3D format representation inside PDF called PRC, with questions being asked such as a) “is the PRC format open” or b) “are the specifications accessible” or c) “is there an SDK to read and write PRC”.

In this article, I will try to address all these questions by providing short answers when possible and by introducing the new Acrobat 3D SDK that is now available as part of the Acrobat 9 SDK that is now live. So, please read on and feel free to ask any additional questions using the comments form.

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Vector Snapshots – Pointing the Way

Recently, I have been asked by several customers to explain how to “export to vector” for technical illustrations in Acrobat Pro Extended Version 9.  There are numerous cases where existing and perspective customers are interested in creating vector renderings using 3D data.  Some simply want to save images as a page within a PDF.  Others want to bring the vector image into Adobe Illustrator or other editing tools to add additional content.  Because we have replaced the 3D Tool Kit that shipped with previous versions of Acrobat 3D with 3D Reviewer, there is a little re-learning for some.


To learn how to create vector snapshots, please read on.

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Can I save 3D measurement markups in PDF?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question in the past 12 months, but it’s quite a lot. We’ve heard your voice and the short answer is now you can save 3D measurement markups in Acrobat/Reader 9 and I am going to teach you how! So, if you haven’t yet discovered this new feature, I strongly invite you to read further to learn the basics of adding and managing measurement markups as well as a few interesting tips you will certainly appreciate.

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