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3D PDF Batch Processing Revisited

Batch Conversion Revisited – Part One

Well over a year ago I wrote a blog article about batch conversions.  It was an article that described how Acrobat 3D version 8 could convert files, including 3D CAD of course, to PDF in batch mode.  Acrobat Pro Extended, as Acrobat 3D is now known can certainly do a nice job of batch conversion, but with the advent of Adobe’s Livecycle PDF Generator 3D Enterprise Suite, we truly have an enterprise option.  Here is an example of what is doable with 3D PDFs generated automatically using PDF Generator 3D:

Imagine you are a manufacturer with an incoming parts inspection need.  You must supply instructions to users on the plant floor and collect data for management reports.  With PDF Generator 3D it is possible to create advanced PDFs such as these.  Even though I am not going to cover everything required to create 3D PDFs like this in this article, I wanted to show you an example of what is possible and explain in basic terms how these PDFs can be created automatically. 

Please read on to learn more about PDF Generator 3D can help you be successful with these kinds of manufacturing work flows.

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Acrobat Podcast Series

For those of you partial to the podcast format you might want to take a look at the Acrobat podcast series over at the Acrobat Lounge. There are several already there and we are trying to post at a rate of one new podcast per week. Most of these will be topics of general interest, but there are at least 4 that cover mfg- and/or 3D-related topics.