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In today’s challenging economic climate, large scale IT projects are being postponed, especially in the manufacturing sector, but that doesn’t mean all progress has to stop.  Companies are addressing cost-related issues, especially where there is a near term payback.  PDF is one of those solutions that help you leverage previous investments. Remember this image from a previoius article:

Adobe solutions are never about “rip and replace”.  It’s about extending and execution based upon what you alread have in place.  Yet, there is no risk to strategic projects. PDF, Acrobat and our enterprise Livecycle solutions are totally compatible with SOA architectures and large scale systems like PLM, so when you get there integration will not be issue. In this case, you can have it both ways!


There are lots of other things we are doing to start reaping benefits quickly by helping you prepare the organization for improvements.

Read on to learn how Adobe can help you NOW.

Many manufacturing firms are cautious about adoption of new technology.  PDF-based solutions are pervasive in almost all companies already, so, in general, getting started is much easier than with most technologies.  In fact, most customers find they can reduce the number and types of applications they must deploy when PDF is exploited, thereby saving a ton of money.  Manufacturing firms like to “kick the tires” with product evaluations and proofs of concept.  Successful companies seem to move fast, and often commit at least one business process… not an experiment, but the real thing.  At Adobe, we are very focused in helping you jump-start the process. Perhaps the most frequent question is: “How do I prepare the organization?”


Before investing in broad deployment of Acrobat Pro Extended, many customers will have a few “power users” become very familiar with the product and its use.  Cultivating power users is always a good idea, but expecting a handful or less of power users can create a training bottleneck.  That is why we have created an on-line simulation to help customers get up to speed with Adobe’s 3D PDF capabilities very quickly.

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