Adobe, Boeing, and Penn State collaborate on real-world mfg integration issues

Over the last 2 years I have had the privilege to work on an on-going three way collaboration between Boeing’s Rotorcraft Division, the Penn State University College of Information Science and Technology and Adobe to provide PSU students exposure to real-world problems faced by manufacturing companies. The students take on the role of consultants to Boeing and are presented with a set of detailed requirements that they must analyze and clarify. They then research and propose a potential solution that meets those requirements–all under their own direction. The last three semesters have focused on how Adobe’s 3D PDF, Acrobat Pro Extended and LiveCycle products can be leveraged to solve real issues Boeing currently faces related to providing suppliers with 3D Model-Based Definition information in a secure, reliable and cost effective way.
The Penn State College of Information Science and Technology wrote an in-depth article describing the project which you can find here.

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