5th Annual Collaboration and Interoperability Conference

We are gearing up for the 5th annual Collaboration & Interoperability Conference and Exhibition. There will be at least two presentations/workshops focused on how 3D PDF can help manufacturing companies collaborate more effectively with their entire value chain. 1) Boeing Rotorcraft’s Chris Senesac will present on how they are supporting their move to 3D Model-Based Definition by leveraging 3D PDF, Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle (CIC abstract, Adobe Case Study). 2) Doug Halliday and I will give a 2+ hour workshop on how Adobe’s tools can be used to build rich information packages that include 3D data and information from various back end systems either manually with Acrobat or automated with LiveCycle (CIC abstract).
The event will be held in Estes Park, Colorado on May 18-20. You will find all the information you need at the conference web site. You can find the agenda here. All presentation are reviewed and approved by the CIC Advisory Board. You can register for the event here.

Here’s a great description of the event from LongView Advisor’s David Prawell, “This three day, international conference provides a unique opportunity for design, engineering, and manufacturing professionals to interact, learn and share experiences in interoperability and collaboration with manufacturing product data. Attendees will learn about the latest strategies, best practices and solutions, while interacting directly with fellow users and leading experts in the field. The conference also provides an opportunity to learn about the latest data exchange and collaboration software tools. If collaboration, CAD migration and interoperability are important parts of your business, this is the only CAD-neutral conference in the world that addresses this subject head-on, and is a must for you to attend.”

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