How to create views in 3D Reviewer?

It is very easy to create custom views in 3D Reviewer using the ‘Add Configuration’ tool and publish them to PDF. The creation of views in 3D Reviewer offers more advanced features than what is available in Acrobat such as creating exploded views for instance. We will discuss in this article a few tips to remember when using the ‘Add Configuration’ tool and share with you a quick video showing the creation of different types of views and how to publish the result in PDF.

After opening your model in 3D Reviewer, open the model tree to the left of the viewport window to get access to the Configurations tree. Then click on the + sign to the left of the Configurations node and you will find one default configuration already created called ‘Initial configuration’.



First thing to remember with configurations is that the latest state of the viewport will be the one saved for the current active configuration. The active configuration is the one highlighted in bold in the Configurations tree.

To create a new configuration, simply right-click on the Configurations node and select Add Configuration, then type a name for the new configuration entry created.

Configs_2.jpg     Configs_2a.jpg


Next thing to remember with configurations is how to lock them, so that their state is not altered anymore while manipulating the model in the viewport. Once you have finished setting the viewpoint, parts positions, background, etc… and want to save the current state of the viewport, right-click on the current active configuration and select ‘Lock configuration’. If you need to edit the configuration again, you can simply right-click again on the configuration, select ‘Unlock configuration’ and then modify the viewport as desired before you lock it again.



Finally, if you need to re-order the configurations, you simply click on the configuration name, then hold and drag the mouse up or down to change the position of a configuration in the list.

If you want to see it in action, please check out the video below which also includes a quick tutorial on how to create exploded views and publish them directly to PDF.


Pierre Tager, Acrobat Product Manager

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