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PDF-PRC and ISO 10303 (aka STEP)

Yesterday’s announcement about PRC moving its way towards ISO certification generated a lot of excitement and some very good questions. Most notable were 1) Does the PRC format Adobe is releasing include the ‘exact geometry’ definition and 2) if so, does that inclusion of the exact geometry put PRC at odds with ISO 10303 (STEP)?
The short answers are ‘yes’ and ‘not really’. Read on to get the details…

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Toward Truly Open Standards

You may already be aware that PDF is indeed the ISO standard for engineering documentation.  To learn more about ISO 32000-1 click here.  Recently we received some exciting news about extending ISO certification to 3D content within the PDF format. 

As you may know, PDF can extract 3D content from a wide variety of CAD and visualization formats for inclusion and interaction within a PDF container.  The formats used internally to the PDF are U3D and PRC.  Read on to learn more about PRC and how it is being embraced by the standards community.

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Manufacturing jumpstarting the US Economy

Two articles caught my attention this morning that I thought were worth mentioning. The first one cites a report by the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia that shows manufacturing activity unexpectedly expanding in the Philly area for the first time in over a year. The second article focuses on how manufacturing is the unexpected bright spot in the US economy right now with encouraging signs in (surprise!) the automotive sector. While the signs are encouraging both articles cite substantial risks to a sustained uptick.
Very encouraging nonetheless…

Kubotek to License Adobe 3D Technology

Exciting news from one of our ISV partners, Kubotek, who announced today they are integrating Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended into their product line. OEM licensing and consulting services will be provided by Techsoft 3D, our reseller for the Acrobat SDK. The full press release can be found here.