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More 3D Reviewer Features

In this article, I will review some additional features of 3D Reviewer.  I will address physical properties and compare features (not necessarily in that order).  We will start today by opening a PDF I created some time ago.  This PDF contains two versions of a design.  These two CAD files were imported into 3D Reviewer and “merged” into a single model tree, so I can easily toggle between the two or display both if I want to.  The file was then saved to PDF using techniques I outlined in previous articles.  Click below to take a look at the designs and features I will be showing.

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3D Reviewer – “A Moving Experience”

Acrobat Pro Extended is a very robust rich “product suite”.  In addition to Acrobat, Pro Extended includes Livecycle Designer for forms design, Adobe Presenter for training and 3D reviewer, a robust 3D tool set.  In this article, I will review some of the features of 3D Reviewer.  I will address features such as moving parts and sub-assemblies (hence the title), configurations, call-outs and export.  These will help you do more with 3D PDFs. 

Click below to learn about these features.

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Questions about Adobe Acrobat Volume Licensing Programs?

We are often asked about the best way to buy Adobe Acrobat and like most questions, the answer to this one is, “it depends”. Depends on what, you might ask? Well obvious things like ‘how much software you need, do you plan to buy it all now or over time?’ and, maybe not so obvious things like ‘will the software all be used in the same location, or do you have multiple sites scattered around the globe?’ and so on. To keep things simple Adobe offers two different licensing program options, one that is ‘transactional’ or defined by a single purchase and the other ‘cumulative’ where the discounts accrue over time based on your company’s buying patterns. All of this is explained very well on a new area of our website that you can find here.

Collaboration and Interoperability Conference Survey

The 2008 Collaboration and Interoperability Conference was by all measures a great success and we are looking forward to the 2009 event this May. As part of each year’s conference Longview Advisors plans to conduct a survey of the attendees to gain insight into the mfg community’s current set of issues, hopes, and vision for collaboration and interoperability. They have graciously decided to share the results of this effort with anyone and everyone. If interested you can find the 2008 results here.

Converting 3D CAD to PDF on a server

Without doubt the customer request we have heard the most since launching Acrobat 3D version 7 three years ago has been, "Acrobat 3D looks great, but can I convert my CAD files to PDF on a server integrated with my PLM system??" Well I am truly escstatic to finally be able to say, "YES! You can!"….

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Apologies to the RSS Subscribers!

If you are subscribed to this blog via an RSS reader, I would like to apologize for all the updates to the entries today. I recently replaced my PC and resulting ripple of software updates continues to move through my entire workflow process. I had to install new versions of all the applications I use, including Adobe’s Contribute CS 3 for editing this blog, and just noticed that the commenting feature was not activated for blog entries. And so now it is… So, you shouldn’t see so many of these updates to the same articles going forward.

Adobe Website Redesign – Acrobat 3D ‘Cool Stuff’

The entire Adobe website has undergone a significant overhaul including the Acrobat 3D section. In addition to rearranging the navigation tools and existing content to make it easier to find the information and resources from the old site, there’s a lot more new content available. I’ve compiled a list of links within the new site that anyone looking to research Acrobat 3D may find useful …

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Submitting Issues and Feature Requests

What can you do if you think you found a bug or have an idea for improving Acrobat 3D, or for that matter, any other Adobe software or service? You can submit feedback directly to Adobe using an online form and hearing about technical issues and product/service suggestions is extremely valuable in helping us make our software perform better and it won’t take you very much time…

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About this Blog

My name is Jim Merry. I am a business development manager at Adobe and currently focused on building awareness and driving adoption of Adobe’s 3D PDF platform within the manufacturing sector in North America. As not that many people are aware that PDF can support 3D manufacturing data or that Acrobat 3D even exists today, a large part of what I do involves ‘spreading the word’ by speaking at tradeshows, seminars, user groups and other events. This blog will contain notes about when these events are happening, what kind of questions I am hearing from customers and from time to time, some thoughts about general trends in the manufacturing sector.

I hope that this blog will become a venue for 2-way communication and encourage anyone reading this to post comments with your thoughts or questions. The comments are moderated by me but only to avoid spamming. As I also have a regular day job here at Adobe, there may be some lag before you see your comments posted but I will try to keep that to a minimum.

Adobe Support and Training Resources


There are many training and support resources available to our customers at our website. Below, I desscribe some of these and include links that are most relevant for users of Acrobat Standard, Pro and Acrobat 3D…

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