Introducing LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile

Announced today, LiveCycle® Workspace ES2 Mobile, for the iPhone®, BlackBerry® smartphones and Windows® Mobile smartphones, helps organizations save time and money with faster electronic approvals.

When approval tasks only show up in email, they tend to become a needle in a haystack depending on the amount and quality of email received.  The LiveCycle mobile application provides a dedicated task list “inbox” on the device where people can easily view tasks that have been directly assigned or delegated to them.  The delegation view is ideal for shared queues or providing vacation coverage.

Tasks can now be quickly found while on the go, so expenses, purchase requests, invoices, contracts, vacation requests, escalations, and other HR, IT, Legal, and Finance documents and forms can all be quickly approved using an authenticated click through electronic signature on the mobile device.

LiveCycle Process Management ES2 natively supports these new mobile clients and can significantly increase the agility of workers who already face the prospect of multiple approval processes throughout their day.*


Workers can easily view a list of all the tasks assigned to them…


…they can also take specific actions for each task…


…contact the person who set up the request by simply tapping their name in the application…


…and even view the PDF file associated with the task**.


For more information on LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile, as well as LiveCycle Process Management ES2, check out the links below.

·         LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile for iPhone

·         LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile for BlackBerry smartphones

·         LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile for Windows Mobile

·         LiveCycle Process Management ES2

·         LiveCycle ES2

*LiveCycle Process Management ES2 is required and processes must be configured to support mobile approvals.

** To view a flattened PDF of the associated form or document, the device must have PDF viewing capabilities.


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