Adobe releases LiveCycle Content Services Mobile for iPhone

Today we released Adobe LiveCycle Content Services Mobile
for iPhone.  It is available now
for free on the Apple AppStore, and will run on your iPhone 3G or 3GS.

Content Services Mobile


Content Services Mobile will connect to LiveCycle Content
Services and Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, and will most likely connect to most
WebDAV servers, though we haven’t tested others..  Feel free to download it and play around!


We designed this client to enable a typical use case: an
employee on the road without easy access to a laptop with wireless access.  The employee discovers that she needs
access to a document (product collateral, pricing information, white papers,
etc.) immediately.  Perhaps she is
with a client who has requested some collateral or documentation.  With LiveCycle Content Services Mobile,
she can simply launch the application, browse to the file and either open it
right there on the iPhone’s screen, or forward it on to herself or her customer
via email.  The application will
display any content that the iPhone is capable of displaying, including H.264

For more
information on the app, please visit


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