Adobe Announces Availability of Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile

Today Adobe announced that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 has been released to mobile platform partners.  Redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile specific features, Flash Player 10.1 is the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices. Mobile users will now be able to experience millions of sites with rich applications and content inside the browser including games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data presentations and visualizations, ecommerce, music, video, audio and more.

Already one of the top free apps on Android™ Market today, Flash Player 10.1 will be available as a final production release for smart phones and tablets once users are able to upgrade to Android 2.2 “Froyo.” Devices supporting “Froyo” and Flash Player 10.1 are expected to include the Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others. Flash Player 10.1 was also released to mobile platform partners to be supported on devices based on Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS, and is expected to be made available via over-the-air downloads and to be pre-installed on smart phones, tablets and other devices in the coming months.

Completely redesigned and optimized for mobile, Flash Player 10.1 delivers new interaction methods with support for mobile-specific input models. Support for accelerometer allows users to view Flash content in landscape and portrait mode. With Smart Zooming, users can scale content to full screen mode delivering immersive application-like experiences from a Web page. Performance optimization work with virtually all major mobile silicon and platform vendors makes efficient use of CPU and battery performance.

The new Smart Rendering feature ensures that Flash content is running only when it becomes visible on the screen, further reducing CPU and battery consumption. With Sleep Mode, Flash Player automatically slows down when the device transitions into screen saver mode. Advanced Out-of-Memory Management allows the player to effectively handle non-optimized content that consumes excessive resources, while automatic memory reduction decreases content usage of RAM by up to 50 percent. Flash Player pauses automatically when events occur such as incoming phone calls or switching from the browser to other device functions. Once users switch back to the browser, Flash Player resumes where it paused.

To watch demo videos of Flash Player 10.1 running across devices, including smart phones and tablets, visit

Adobe’s showcase site for mobile optimized Flash content:

For more information on how to optimize Flash content for mobile, visit
Here’s what partners and the industry have to say about this milestone release:


“Although it is labeled a dot release, Flash Player 10.1 is a significant update that includes a number of new performance and mobile specific features. This allows consumers to see a much bigger part of the Web and allows developers to bring their Flash Platform skills to a much bigger swath of devices.”
– Al Hilwa, Program Director, Applications Development Software, IDC Seattle

“Overall, my experience with Flash on Android was pretty good. Sites that did use Flash loaded relatively quickly and effortlessly. It was fun to surf to a site and not get an error message because Flash was being used. Performance worked well and sites loaded quickly and fairly complex animations and user experiences worked quickly and looked good. Adobe has done a good job making the case that Flash is viable for mobile.” 
– Michael Gartenberg, Partner, Altimeter Group via his blog post, Flash Goes Mobile – First Take

“I’ve been testing a Froyo-based Nexus One [with a beta of Flash Player 10.1] for the last week side-by-side with my iPhone, and I think it’s great to not have to deal with ‘little blue cubes’ on the sites I visit every day. When it comes to Flash apps running on Froyo itself, it’s also pretty clear to me that they can deliver an engaging mobile experience. And even with hardware acceleration turned off in the beta, video and audio works just fine for me on site likes the BBC.”
– Jeffrey Hammond in his May 20, 2010 Forrester blog posting, The Mall of Google

For the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to test an Android Froyo device loaded with a beta of Flash Player 10.1. The overall experience and performance of Flash has been impressive. Mobile users now have access to full Web pages with rich Flash content on millions of sites. With the new mobile specific features, developers also have an important opportunity to help shape the way Web content, games, touch capabilities and more are presented across platforms and devicesas Froyo and other platforms deliver full Flash support.
– Ben Bajarin, principal analyst, Creative Strategies



“Consumers expect a full Internet experience on their mobile devices.   Our investment in and commitment to creating one of the first real mobile Internet experiences will enable our end-users, as well as our developer community to deliver and experience true Internet applications. We’re excited to deliver that mobile experience to consumers with devices supporting Adobe Flash Player.”
– Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer, Motorola 

“Together, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and the Dell Streak will bring a full Web experience to a pocket friendly device. Streak’s spacious 5-inch screen is the ideal foundation for people to view the open Web as it was intended to be, without squinting or compromising portability.”
– John Thode, vice president, Dell Communication Solutions Group

“We are thrilled about the availability of the full Flash Player for smart phones and are working very closely with Google and Adobe to get Flash on our Android-powered smart phones in the coming months. It’s about giving our customers uncontrolled access to the full Web and rich experiences on the go. New mobile features in Flash Player 10.1 are impressive and will open up amazing new possibilities for developers and content publishers around the world.”
– Hyungmoon Noh, Vice President of R&D Planning Team at Samsung Electronics

“Microsoft is committed to providing a rich Web experience while on-the-go with Internet Explorer Mobile. We are working closely with Adobe to bring the Flash Player 10.1 to a future version of Windows Phone.”
– Stephanie Ferguson, general manager, Microsoft Corp.

“We are excited that Android is the first mobile platform to support the full Flash Player. Now mobile users can browse the full Web on their smart phones, and Android developers can use industry-leading tools to create immersive experiences on the Web.” 
– Andy Rubin, vice president of Engineering, Google

“Customers want a rich experience on mobile devices with access to the full Web featuring Adobe Flash content. We are pleased to work closely with Adobe to bring the new Flash Player and Adobe AIR to future BlackBerry products. Developers will also be able to create exciting new content and apps for customers by simply taking advantage of the integrated support for the BlackBerry platform through seamless extensions for the Adobe Creative Suite 5 tools.”
– Alan Brenner, senior vice president, BlackBerry Platform, Research In Motion.

“HTC supports Adobe’s Flash Platform and the enhanced experience it brings to customers on PCs and now phones. We are excited to be bringing Flash Player 10.1 to a variety of our current and upcoming phones.”
– Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation

“Flash Player 10.1 enables a compelling user experience over a wide range of Internet connected ARM-based devices. From smart phones to DTVs , Flash Player 10.1 enhances the Web browsing experience by bringing rich content, prevalent across the Internet, into the consumers hands.”
– Ian Drew, EVP of Marketing, ARM

“The Web without Flash lacks millions of rich pages and high-def content. NVIDIA and Adobe worked side-by-side to make full GPU acceleration for Flash Player 10.1 a reality. Now the two companies are bringing these performance and power benefits to a whole new generation of smart phones and tablets with Tegra.”
– Neil Trevett, vice president, Mobile Content, NVIDIA

For more information and a video demo of nVidia’s work with Adobe and Flash Player 10.1 check out:

“Qualcomm strives to enable the most rich, immersive and powerful user experience possible on mobile devices — which includes the online applications and content that Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 supports. Having worked with Adobe on numerous projects, such as optimizing the Flash Player for Google’s Nexus One smart phone, we’re very excited about the availability of 10.1 for Android and look forward to continuing to optimize the performance of Flash across leading operating systems on our chipsets.”
– Rob Chandhok, senior vice president, Software Strategy, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies

“The Intel® Atom™ processor brings an unprecedented PC-like Internet experience to a range of mobile devices. As Atom brings Intel® architecture into existing and new categories of small mobile devices, the collaboration with Adobe in optimizing Flash 10.1 to deliver PC- level Flash performance on MeeGo and other operating systems across netbooks, smart phones and tablets will help deliver full, consistent, rich Web experiences to consumers worldwide.”
– Christos Georgiopoulos, general manager, Developer Relation Division, Intel Software and Services Group

For more information about Intel’s work with Adobe, visit

“Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR are critical in delivering consistently rich mobile Internet and multimedia experiences. As such, Adobe’s technologies are highly anticipated by the mobile community. In current smart phone and other mobile device markets, TI’s OMAP™ platform continues to maintain its leadership position, with more than 50 design wins for the OMAP 3 processors in communications devices. By combining our strengths in a solid and effective partnership, TI and Adobe together deliver a superior Flash and AIR user experience for OMAP 3 and upcoming OMAP 4 processor-based devices.”
– Seshu Madhavapeddy, general manager, Smart phones Business Line, TI

“Flash Player 10.1 helps website owners deliver rich video experiences on smart phones without sacrificing the analytics, monetization and custom branding capabilities they enjoy on desktop computers. Brightcove’s new mobile video player templates for Flash Player 10.1 makes it easy to offer touch-friendly interfaces that make the most of smart phone screen real estate.”
– David Mendels, president and chief operating officer, Brightcove

For more information on the work between Adobe and Brightcove visit:


Adobe continues to be a great partner, not only for Turner but for all those participating in the TV Everywhere initiative. Adobe’s latest advance in Flash technology allows all network programmers and content distributors to deliver video content across multiple platforms and devices while providing seamless customer authentication.”
– Jeremy Legg, senior vice president, Business Development & Multi-Platform Distribution, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Flash is great for video, because it allows us to create once and deliver reliably to multiple screens including computers, phones, tablets and TVs, giving us the broadest reach possible. But Flash does so much more, including animations, audio and games. We’re excited about the new mobile specific features in Adobe Flash Player 10.1, and are already incorporating features like multi-touch into our extensive set of games and video experiences.”
– Joe Simon, chief information officer, Viacom

“Adobe’s Flash technology has enabled HBO to develop an incredibly unique and appealing online experience for our new broadband product HBO GO. We look forward to using future versions of Flash and continuing our technology partnership with Adobe as we continue to enhance the HBO service.”
– Barbara Jaffe, executive vice president, Technology Operations, HBO
“As the content leader in providing the latest news, information, and video on consumer electronics and tech, we are committed to meeting our users’ needs in making our content available on any platform and on any device.” 
– Greg Mason, senior vice president,

“It’s fantastic to see our richest desktop content experiences work so well on smart phones and other small screen devices. It was incredibly easy to implement, taking only a few days of development work. We’re excited by the ability to create new content experiences using the mobile-specific features Flash has to offer.”
– Charlie Tillinghast, president, Msnbc Digital Network

“USA Network is committed to delivering original programming and rich digital experiences to our fans anytime and anywhere. Flash is an essential piece of the plan to deliver rich content across multiple platforms, while still delivering the kind of quality experience our users have come to expect.” – Jesse Redniss, vice president, Digital, USA Network

“We are very excited about the opportunities Flash on mobile enables for Mochi Media’s community of game developers who already use Mochi for over 15,000 games. Flash is a powerful distribution medium for games, and is only getting better with the release of Adobe Flash Player 10.1. We have already created a mobile-optimized version of our MochiGames site, available at, to bring high-quality game experiences to mobile players.” – Jameson Hsu, chief executive officer of Mochi Media

“We’re very pleased with how easy it is to bring games from our library onto mobile. With our 8,000 Flash game developers, we are moving full steam ahead with optimizing Flash games for mobile – there’s a lot of hunger for good cross-platform mobile/desktop tools.” 
– Jim Greer, chief executive officer, Kongregate

“We are focusing a lot of our product development on mobile applications, and we were thrilled to see how well Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Android handles the viewing experience right out of the box. The site works so well, without requiring us to build anything new, that we are going to direct users to the Android Web browser rather than build a custom viewing application.”
– Michael Seibel, chief executive officer, JustinTV

“Video and slideshow functionality are two features customers love on Building these favorite features from the Web into the mobile site with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is part of our commitment to giving the millions of people using Photobucket the freedom to do more with their content no matter where they are.” 
– Todd Benge, engineering manager, Photobucket

“BLITZ believes Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is a ubiquitous and crucial platform for content delivery across screens, including smart phones, tablets and televisions. It continues to deliver world class capabilities for video, interactivity, 3D, animation, gaming and even Augmented Reality experiences. As an integrated part of CS5 workflows and tools, Flash is also the most efficient way to broadly optimize and distribute your content.”
– Ivan Todorov, chief executive officer, BLITZ, a leading integrated marketing agency that builds brands, campaigns and applications with clients that include Activision, Cisco/Linksys, Google, FX Networks (TV/Entertainment), nVidia, and Direct TV.

“Flash is our platform of choice for creating the most immersive interactive experiences online. We are excited that Adobe is extending the reach of the Flash’s latest capabilities with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to more devices and are looking forward to bringing richer experiences to our mobile audiences.”
– David Bliss, partner & technical director, Odopod

“We have more than 1,600 Flash games on our website and have already optimized many of them for Adobe Flash Player 10.1. We managed to ready desktop content into a mobile version with minimal effort and for some titles there was little to no optimization at all – it just worked! Being able to deliver our content easily across multiple screens with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is a great opportunity for us. Now, gamers can start a game on their mobile phone, finish it on their tablet and then play the bonus levels on the desktop.” 
– John Cooney, head of game development, Armor Games

“Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR will allow us to deliver richer user experiences across a multitude of platforms including mobile, tablets, and enhanced TV. We have already capitalized on these opportunities on behalf of some of our clients.”
– Matias Penela, director, Technology, AgencyNet

“The Adobe Flash Player has historically played an integral role in content delivery across platforms. Now, with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 optimized for mobile, Flash will continue to play a crucial role for rich Internet applications, available to anyone, anywhere–delivering true platform agnostic experiences. We will continue to use Flash to create engaging interactive experiences for our clients.”
– Kaare Wesnaes, director, Creative Development, AKQA

“As Roundarch sees the trend towards multi-screen digital experiences really taking off, Adobe Flash becomes even more relevant than it has been in years past. The ability to reach users regardless of device type and provide content to computers, mobile devices and televisions is critical to the delivery of the next wave of Internet content.”
– Dave Meeker, director – Emerging Technology & co-director of Roundarch Labs

“Flash has been a fantastic platform for delivering rich content for years. Since mobile has grown to represent 25percent of our business, we are excited at the opportunities Adobe Flash Player 10.1 affords and committed to creating those same rich experiences for users on mobile.”
– Andrew Howlett, president, Rain

“Flash gives us another great avenue to deliver music and videos to our fans on mobile devices, and beyond. Scale is key for us and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 allows us to create a great mobile experience, using content we already have, and familiar tools. We have already optimized some of our most popular artists’ websites for Flash 10.1 and are working to deliver new ones each week.”
– Eric Snowden, senior director, Creative and Technology, Atlantic Records

“Flash continues to be our technology of choice for games and activities on our websites, and that will continue with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 as we move and create content for mobile platforms. Flash is certainly the platform of choice to broadly distribute our content.”
 Peter Marx, vice president, Production and Technology, Mattel.

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