LiveCycle® Mobile ES2 just released for the Apple iPad

Hello again.  We’ve recently come back from winter break here at Adobe, and we’ve hit the ground running: a native iPad version of our LiveCycle Mobile ES2 application is now available on the Apple App Store!

This follow-up to our existing LiveCycle Mobile ES2 app brings support for the iPad’s larger screen, giving tablet-equipped enterprise users more elbow room to approve tasks, capture information in the field, and access documents while on the road.

With LiveCycle Mobile ES2, enterprises can offer employees the ability to interact with content, applications, and customers where they choose—by providing remote task approvals, mobile content on demand, and on-site data capture.  It’s some of Adobe’s most powerful LiveCycle ES capabilities all in your pocket!

Enterprises can increase employee productivity by giving workers access to information when they are away from the office—on a customer call or during downtime when traveling. LiveCycle Mobile ES2 allows you to complete or add data and make decisions in real time, minimizing bottlenecks and wait times.

LiveCycle Mobile ES2 brings together task processing capabilities, first released in 2009 as LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile, with powerful data capture features which, deployed effectively, could allow field service technicians to fill out repair orders, or sales personnel to create sales orders, right on their customers’ doorsteps.  Capturing images as part of a business workflow is also supported*, so that insurance claims agents, for example, could take pictures of damaged property directly with their smartphone as part of the claims process in the field, without having to worry about lugging around a laptop, attaching a camera, etc.

The iOS version of the LiveCycle Mobile application also features the ability for users to browse WebDAV content repositories including Adobe’s own LiveCycle ES Content Services and Microsoft’s Sharepoint 2010—downloading, viewing and sharing content and documents, such as product collateral, with customers and clients.  This capability was first made available in the LiveCycle Content Services Mobile app, released in 2010.

Adobe understands that the ‘consumerization of IT’ has pushed enterprises to support multitudes of mobile devices, and LiveCycle Mobile ES2 is now available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and iOS.   The application is offered at no charge on all of the major platform application stores, but, of course, requires an installation of LiveCycle ES to be effective within an enterprise.

We’re not standing still, either…this is just the first of a number of exciting developments you can expect to see from Adobe in regards to enterprises and ‘mobile’ in 2011…stay tuned!!

For more information on LiveCycle Mobile ES2, please click here.

*Image capture not supported on the iPad.

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