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LiveCycle Mobile ES2 now available on BlackBerry PlayBook!

That’s right…we’re pleased to announce the availability of our enterprise-savvy LiveCycle Mobile ES2 application on the exciting, new BlackBerry Playbook.  You can download this app directly to your PlayBook from App World.  One of the first Adobe apps on the PlayBook, this app is also the first version of LiveCycle Mobile to be developed with Adobe’s Flash and AIR platform technologies.

For this ‘first’ release on PlayBook, we focused on a core enterprise problem that customers of LiveCycle ES, our enterprise suite, are familiar with…how do you participate in human-centric workflows while you’re away from the office and don’t have (or don’t want to pull out) your laptop?  In other words, you have tasks to approve (expense reports, time off requests, etc) and you need a way to do it that matches your mobile self.

LiveCycle Mobile ES2 meets that need, providing the ability to browse your existing tasks, look at details for each one, and then approve, reject or otherwise take action on them while you’re on the road.

According to our development team,

The app was developed using Flash Builder + the integrated BlackBerry PlayBook SDK.  It was very easy to build the app using Flash Builder and the debugging experience was very well done. We were able to debug directly on the device or in the emulator if the device wasn’t available.

This is exciting work that is starting to show the real promise of Flash, Flex and AIR being able to deliver a true cross-platform development and deployment architecture.

With today’s announcement, LiveCycle Mobile is now available on five mobile platforms (including three with tablet support): PlayBook, BlackBerry smartphones, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile 6.5

(Note: LiveCycle Mobile ES2 requires the purchase, installation and configuration of LiveCycle Process Management ES2 or greater.)