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Just released! Adobe Reader 10.1 for iOS and Android

Now available for free on the Apple App Store and the Android Market, Adobe Reader 10.1 brings to your favorite mobile devices the same best-in-class PDF viewing experience you’re used to on the desktop. This latest release is our first for iOS devices, and shows Adobe’s commitment to provide the most compelling mobile experiences on the most popular platforms. With each new version, Adobe is bringing to mobile those capabilities that users on the go find most important, like text search, easy page navigation, bookmarks, and printing.

As a result, key among the new features in Adobe Reader 10.1 for Mobile is support for accessing files secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management. LiveCycle Rights Management protects sensitive documents by encrypting them with industry-standard AES encryption and enabling central management of their access permissions. Protections persist even when documents are accidentally distributed via email, the cloud, or saved on a lost mobile device.

Whether you’re working in private industry and reviewing confidential information like price lists on your Android tablet, or you’re a government employee and are viewing sensitive information via your mobile phone, Adobe Reader 10.1 for mobile and LiveCycle Rights Management allow you to securely access these documents. No longer are you stuck on your laptop or desktop simply to review materials!

Here’s a screenshot from an Apple iPad showing a user logging into a Rights Management-protected PDF.  (Click the picture to the right to see a larger version.)

To learn more about how our Rights Management product works check out:

Some answers to frequently asked questions during our preview release testing of Reader 10.1 for Mobile are answered here.

Be sure to download Adobe Reader 10.1 for Mobile today!


LiveCycle Mobile ES2 now available on BlackBerry PlayBook!

That’s right…we’re pleased to announce the availability of our enterprise-savvy LiveCycle Mobile ES2 application on the exciting, new BlackBerry Playbook.  You can download this app directly to your PlayBook from App World.  One of the first Adobe apps on the PlayBook, this app is also the first version of LiveCycle Mobile to be developed with Adobe’s Flash and AIR platform technologies.

For this ‘first’ release on PlayBook, we focused on a core enterprise problem that customers of LiveCycle ES, our enterprise suite, are familiar with…how do you participate in human-centric workflows while you’re away from the office and don’t have (or don’t want to pull out) your laptop?  In other words, you have tasks to approve (expense reports, time off requests, etc) and you need a way to do it that matches your mobile self.

LiveCycle Mobile ES2 meets that need, providing the ability to browse your existing tasks, look at details for each one, and then approve, reject or otherwise take action on them while you’re on the road.

According to our development team,

The app was developed using Flash Builder + the integrated BlackBerry PlayBook SDK.  It was very easy to build the app using Flash Builder and the debugging experience was very well done. We were able to debug directly on the device or in the emulator if the device wasn’t available.

This is exciting work that is starting to show the real promise of Flash, Flex and AIR being able to deliver a true cross-platform development and deployment architecture.

With today’s announcement, LiveCycle Mobile is now available on five mobile platforms (including three with tablet support): PlayBook, BlackBerry smartphones, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile 6.5

(Note: LiveCycle Mobile ES2 requires the purchase, installation and configuration of LiveCycle Process Management ES2 or greater.)

LiveCycle® Mobile ES2 just released for the Apple iPad

Hello again.  We’ve recently come back from winter break here at Adobe, and we’ve hit the ground running: a native iPad version of our LiveCycle Mobile ES2 application is now available on the Apple App Store!

This follow-up to our existing LiveCycle Mobile ES2 app brings support for the iPad’s larger screen, giving tablet-equipped enterprise users more elbow room to approve tasks, capture information in the field, and access documents while on the road.

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Bringing the focus back to the customer…

The rapid introduction of mobile and other non-traditional computing devices (tablets, MIDs, slates, etc) into enterprise IT inventories is driving a wave of innovation in delivering more complex and varied interactions between enterprises and their customers.  With more than 70% of enterprise workers going mobile over the next two years, according to Gartner, it is incumbent on leading-edge firms to deliver services and applications that can easily be made mobile.  Providing access to customer data, history, and marketing collateral, while at the same time allowing these employees to better serve their customers without having to pull open a laptop and find a WiFi connection, means these mobile applications will keep field forces focused on what really matters: the customer relationship.

John Landwehr describes this in more detail in an entry on our Experience Delivers blog.

Extending the value of LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile…

So, you’ve deployed LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile, and are getting great
results by allowing your users to process their tasks while on-the go,
whether they’re using an iPhone, BlackBerry smartphone, or Windows
Mobile phone

What if your users could not only approve tasks on the road, but also initiate
new processes, where data could be captured from the user, relay that
data back to LiveCycle, and then create a new back-end LiveCycle

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LiveCycle Workspace Mobile for Windows Mobile smartphones now available

Now available, Adobe has released its first Windows Mobile application on the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

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LiveCycle Workspace Mobile for BlackBerry smartphones now available

Today, Adobe made available its first BlackBerry smartphone application on the BlackBerry App World storefront.

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LiveCycle Workspace Mobile for iPhone now available

Today Adobe released its first iPhone application – Adobe LiveCycle Workspace Mobile.

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Introducing LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile

Announced today, LiveCycle® Workspace ES2 Mobile, for the iPhone®, BlackBerry® smartphones and Windows® Mobile smartphones, helps organizations save time and money with faster electronic approvals.

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