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Welcome to Mobile Experiences

Hi, welcome to the Mobile Experiences blog – I’ll start with a general posting and introduce myself.  I’m Matt Millar – you can email me as [mmillar at adobe dot com] or comment on this web site.  I run the Adobe team in Europe who are full time engaged in making the best in next generation mobile experiences happen, though more of that in later blog postings.

What will I be blogging about?  In the course of my day to day work I’m exposed to lots of interesting new concepts and new services that with the help of millions of talented designers and developers Adobe is going to start bringing to life – so I’ll be blogging about my thoughts around these concepts and how I believe it will be possible for people to create great experiences with Flash on mobile.  As I’m based in europe I’ll be mainly talking about the european mobile ecosystem, though expect some guest appearances from other worldwide ecosystems – mobile is a global business after all.

I’ll start with a little background – where is Flash being used in devices in europe today?

There are two major uses that are appearing broadly these are:

  • Flash user interfaces –
    examples include

    • Samsung D900 which has the "uGo" interface – here Samsung are using Flash to create a revolutionary experience on the device that interprets data from the device and uses it in novel ways in the device – a simple example being how the signal strength is reflected in the level of cloud cover on the phone screen.
    • LG Prada – where LG have stepped up to the challenge of designing a complete new phone experience in conjunction with Prada they have chosen to meet that challenge using Flash for the interface
    • Sony Ericsson – the Sony Ericsson walkman phones have some great new interfaces for their menus and music playback functionality – once again where Sony Ericsson have had the challenge of creating a great new experience they have picked Flash as the technology of choice
  • Flash content – in browsers, and for wallpapers, games and applications
    • Nokia have really understood the potential market here – with dedicated resources for designers and developers at Forum Nokia

Content and user interfaces – both areas that I’m sure I’ll come back to in future postings.

Where do I see us heading in the future?  If we look at what is happening elsewhere in the world we see what is happening there then we can draw parallels with what will be successful in europe.  In Japan there is a very successful Flash ecosystem – the iChannel service there is now over 10 million subscribers.  Verizon Wireless in the USA is building a service to meet the desires of the US citizens, and in Taiwan Chungwa Telecom are deploying a service too.

How will these sorts of services appear in the European market?  Telenor Sweden have announced that they will be trialling the service – so it will be interesting to see how these services develop – one thing I am sure of – without great, innovative content then the services aren’t worth anything – which is where the european ecosystem will start to play a role – Adobe’s success is dependent on the success of those talented designers and developers who use our tools to create great designs – our goal is to ensure they have the routes to get their fantastic creations into the hands of consumers, on mobile, just like Flash on the web.