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Super-Easy EDL Workflow in SpeedGrade

Update (October 31, 2013): With the release of SpeedGrade CC 7.1, you also have the option of using Direct Link to bring Premiere Pro projects into SpeedGrade. While that will be a preferred workflow for many scenarios, EDL workflows are still fully supported in SpeedGrade CC and SpeedGrade CS6.

We’ve written about how to get content into SpeedGrade, and have described the EDL Conform process in previous posts, but SpeedGrade has one more EDL trick up its sleeve that I think many of you will love. This one is about as easy as it gets.

Here’s how you do super-easy EDL export from Adobe Premiere Pro into SpeedGrade:

1. Render out your edited content in Premiere Pro as a single flat clip. You could use a format such as DNxHD in a QuickTime wrapper, or any another QuickTime format. Continue reading…