Hello World

Well this is my entry into the blogosphere. Big bad world… here I come!

I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Marcel Boucher, Product Manager in the Technical Marketing Team for the Adobe Enterprise and Developer Business Unit. What does that mean? Well, among other things it means that I’m one of the propeller heads that the product marketing and product management teams can call on to translate “geak speak” to “marketing mumbo jumbo”. All in all, a very interesting job.

I’ve been with Adobe 10 years now. I’ve done everything from technical support to development to evangelism. I have focused mostly on eForms (Forms & Workflow). And I have loved XFA from day 1! However, now that Macromedia has joined the family, I have been tasked with getting up to speed on ColdFusion and Flex . And I must say, I am in instant fan – this stuff is wicked cool.

I have decided to call this blog “Mind the Gap” – not for the obvious link to the subway system in the UK and it’s annoying voice that repeats those three words in a mind numbing chant – but as a description of the focus of this blog: Talk about how to bridge the technology gap between ColdFusion /Flex and LiveCycle. There are a few blogs talking about this subject starting to pop-up( ex. :FlexLive and FormNation); and I say the more the merrier! Each one of these products add tremendous value to those who use them; but only a handful of people actually understand the potential that these combined products have – and if we don’t do a better job of spreading the word – it’s going to stay that way. Both Zee (:FlexLive) and Anthony (FormNation) have commented on Livecycle and crossing the Technology Chasm, and I am convinced that the conditions are right – we just need to make it happen.

I’ve created a Flex Data Services 2 tutorial that covers Hibernate which I will be posting shortly. OK, so it’s not a Flex / LiveCycle integration sample, but I figure data exchange will be a fundamental subject for any Flex and LiveCycle solution; so I needed to get my feet wet :o)

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  1. Nickull says:

    Nice to have you join the party ;-)Recommend you set up a set of links (Blogroll) for LiveCycle related blogs.

  2. Thanks Duane!It’s going to be a long list since I want to cover LiveCycle, Flex and ColdFusion :-0

  3. Hi Marcel,Welcome to the blogoshere! If you would like to review our Flex training, let me know. We are looking forward to the growth of Flex and other Adobe products.-Steve