A great day – Adobe LiveCycle Developer Toolbox now available.

This is a big deal folks!!! All of you now have access to the Adobe LiveCycle Toolbox. “What is the Adobe LiveCycle Toolbox” you ask? It’s a self-extracting zip file of a pre-configured and pre-deployed LiveCycle 7.02 installation on JBoss and MySQL. With the Adobe LiveCycle Toolbox, you will have local access to the Adobe LiveCycle platform; you will be able to teast the samples I post on this blog locally – not just take my word for it 🙂

All you have to do is download the self-extracting EXE file and run it on your machine. You’ll be able to play with all of the super cool features available in LiveCycle without having to engage in a formal pilot. I stongly recommend that you get the toolbox and try out the Flex Meets Adobe LiveCycle Forms sample I posted a few weeks ago.

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