Get more out of xForms!

Today, Adobe posted an alpha release of the xForm Converter utility on Adobe Labs. The converter will accept xForm container files such as HTML or XHTML but can be another language such as XML or XFDL. XFDL is IBM’s propritary form description language used in IBM Workplace Forms. The converter will extract the xForm definition from these host files and generate Adobe’s XML Forms Architecture (XFA) documents. Since xForms by definition does not specify the layout, the converter will place all form elements using left to right – top to bottom layout. Business logic will be converted to JavaScript and data bindings will be maintained. This will prove to be a huge head start to people that wish to take their xForms to the next level and leverage Adobe’s presentation while maintaining xForm data sturcture for submitted transactions.

To view the results of the conversion, get the free trial version of Adobe Designer here.

The xForm Converter will be part of the Adobe Designer 8.1 release scheduled for later this spring. At that point, it will no longer be a standalone utility. The coverter will be invoked when using the File/Open… menu option and selecting the xForm option in the file type dropdown.

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  1. Marcel Boucher says:

    Interesting comment thread on Mark’s blog

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    thanks for the link to xForms converter. Usefully article.Greetz from Germany, Werbeagentur