MAX 2009 in Los Angeles and Online

Well, it looks like the economic situation is not going to deter the organizers of Adobe MAX. Today, we announced that there will be a MAX event in 2009. The dates are from October 4th to the 7th. Unfortunately, there will not be a MAX Europe. The plan is to hold online sessions to reach the global audience.

I have to admit, I have looked at the recordings of  MAX 2008 on Adobe TV and I am very impressed. According to Ted Patrick, the recorded sessions have had 250,000 unique users access the content. Not bad 🙂

The Enterprise side of the house is going to have some VERY exciting things to show this year – specially for those of you that build enterprise-class RIAs… Wink wink.

If you would like to participate in the “MAX call for Sessions and Labs”, go here


See you at MAX 2009 – be it personally or virtually.

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2 Responses to MAX 2009 in Los Angeles and Online

  1. Ted Patrick says:

    Small but important correction:Adobe MAX content has had 250,000 unique users. Content views are far higher.Ted 🙂

  2. Marcel Boucher says:

    Thanks Ted… Fixed 🙂