BREAKING NEWS: Tour de LiveCycle now available.

imageGetting the word out on what is LiveCycle ES has just been kicked into high gear! We just released the next generation of communication vehicles to introduce the world to Adobe’s enterprise software (aka the best kept secret 🙂 )- LiveCycle ES. Based on the success of Tour de Flex, we decided to leverage its approach and architecture built on Adobe AIR to deliver over 1600 pages of rich content and samples.

For those of you wanting to know more about how LiveCycle ES provides value to your vertical, how LiveCycle ES can fit into your IT stack, or how to administer and build your own LiveCycle ES applications, Tour de LiveCycle is the perfect place to start. Tour de LiveCycle is less than 1.5 Megs. You can even fit it on a memory stick. Have you ever tried to explain to your neighbor or family member what LiveCycle ES is? Now you have a perfect solution!!!

In addition to providing all of this valuable content, Tour de LiveCycle also provides you with an impressive quick reference to all of the services, tools and APIs you need.

You can get Tour de LiveCycle here:

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