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Inheriting the LiveCycle ES container context in a custom component

Earlier this week, I was working on one of the samples that we will be showing at MAX this year. The idea is to show people how to create a custom component in Java and then deploy it into the LiveCycle ES service container. The sample I needed to create has to be simple and not have any dependencies  on internet access (this is a lab exercise and connectivity at large events is often spotty at best). Anyway, I decided to create a custom component that calls the JobManager API to query what instances might be in the LiveCycle ES server queue.

Just like any other service, I needed to get a handle on the current execution context so that I would use the same security context and connection factory already instantiated within the container. Basically, I need to get the exact same security context of the process that will be calling my component and use it to call JobManager as the calling user might not have permissions to query the LC ES queue. We can’t be bypassing that now can we?

Anyway, after poking around for a while… I could not find any samples or documentation on it. So I talked to some of my resources (thanks Brad) and got the answer. 

JobManager jm = new JobManager(ServiceClientFactory.createInstance());

In the code above, I simply create a new JobManager object and in the constructor arguments, use the ServiceClientFactory.createInstance() call. This will attempt to locate the container’s context and pass it in the the ServiceClientFactory. From there, I can call any JobManager operation knowing that I will use the current user context and not bypass any security rules.


Long title for a simple solution 🙂

3 new Solution Accelerators for LiveCycle ES

image The solution accelerator team today announced the release of 3 new solution accelerators for LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.  The solution accelerators are designed to be extended and customized by partners leading to reduced development time and increased quality.  These accelerators are packaged with a set of production-ready building blocks that consist of reusable components and technical guides. The building blocks may be used within the context of a solution accelerator or form the basis for developing new solutions.

Read more on Greg’s blog

Announcing the first ever LiveCycle ES Developer Contest

imageMake sure you are sitting down, this is going to blow you away… As a follow on to yesterday’s post. I am very excited about kicking off the first ever LiveCycle ES developer challenge as part of the ES Next prerelease program. I actually have two goals for doing this:

  1. Drive more developers to try the beta build of the next release of LiveCycle ES and experience how easily enterprise applications using Flex powered by LiveCyle ES services
  2. Provide a platform for LiveCycle ES developers to showcase their innovation and creativity  

I strongly recommend that you sign up for the LiveCycle ES Next prerelease immediately. Once you have an account, you will have access to the latest build, documentation, feature spotlights, user forums, etc.

Then, while you are enjoying a nice cold beer on your deck this summer, build and submit the coolest LC ES application and get a chance to win a complimentary pass to MAX 2009, Creative Suite 4 Master Collection or Acrobat Professional Extended.

Read all about the contest here…

Adobe LiveCycle ES NEXT Beta Available Today.

Adobe is pleased to announce that the next version of LiveCycle ES beta is now available. This beta release is made available so that you can start testing your applications on the new version as well as enable you to explore the new features and numerous improvements we have made. However, like any other beta, it is not recommended for production use.

What’s new in the LiveCycle ES Next?

The most important changes have been made around usability of LiveCycle Workbench ES as well as developer productivity. Workbench now supports the concept of a LiveCycle Application with check-in/check-out and deploy features. Other major improvements we are working on are:

  • Task wizards that will make the development and deployment  of LiveCycle ES applications more intuitive
  • Graphical UI which provides a drag and drop interface for building and managing DDX files used with LiveCycle ES

You won’t believe how easy building a LiveCycle ES application has become.

Under the covers, the next version of LiveCycle ES introduces a much enhanced turnkey install as well as an updated support matrix for platforms, application servers and databases.  Most of the LiveCycle ES modules have been also enhanced. For example, LiveCycle ES is now able to generate PDF portfolios on the server.

Help us gather bugs this summer!

In order to reward you for your valiant efforts in helping us improve the quality and usability of LiveCycle ES Next, starting Monday July 20th we will be awarding one copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended per week to the individual that has logged the most issues on the prerelease site. 

Build the coolest LiveCycle ES NEXT application and win!

Take some time during the summer months to build the most interesting application using the next version of LiveCycle ES and win some exciting prizes. Watch the General Announcements forum on for the official announcement.

Sign up now!!!

Check out the next LiveCycle ES and Flash Platform eSeminar

Join Greg Wilson as he presents a couple of eSeminars on how LiveCycle ES and the Flash platform can be used together to create leading edge applications for the enterprise. I have presented this session in the past and there is some very valuable information covered.

The next session is scheduled for this week and another one is scheduled for August.

Thursday, July 9, 2009 11:00 AM PT
Thursday, August 27, 2009 11:00 AM PT

Register here: