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Marcel’s follower appreciation MAX 2009 discount promotion

CashWith MAX 2009 around the corner, you better make sure that you are registered and pumped for all the awesome enterprise sessions we will be offering this year. If you are not yet registered, then what are you waiting for? a promo code??? Fine! if that’s what it takes, that’s what we’ll do!

The first 25 people that send me an email at between August 31st and September 4th and I will supply you with a promo code that you can use to save some of your hard earned money and attend MAX 2009 in Los Angeles.  This offer is for new full pass registrations only and cannot be combined with any other promotion, package or offer.

I can’t make it any easier  🙂

Some Enterprise Software Reminders…

There is a lot of stuff happening at Adobe in the enterprise space, so I thought that a little reminder of what’s available to our community of enterprise developers would be a good idea.

MAX 2009

This year, there is a true focus on the enterprise space. We have put a lot of effort to define and develop a truly valuable session track that will cater to the intermediate / advanced audience. For those of you that are beginners or want an guided tour of the next release of LiveCycle ES, we also have a pre-conference track focused on training. This will ensure that everyone is at the required level to take full advantage of the sessions we have defined during the conference. We even have a LiveCycle@MAX bundle available.

LiveCycle ES Next

Don’t forget about the LiveCycle ES Next prerelease program that is in progress. If you have not had a look at the next version, I strongly recommend that you do. I have to admit that after using the new version, it pains me to go back to the current release. The improvements that have been made around the development experience are tremendous. Workbench is quickly becoming a best in class enterprise application IDE. The installation and configuration experience is effortless.

We have some exciting contests under way as well. Take the time to log a few bugs and win a free copy of Acrobat Professional Extended. Or build a cool application and enter to win a free pass to MAX 2009. All of the details are available on the site.

LiveCycle Data Services 3

LiveCycle Data Services 3 also posted on introduces a set of very compelling features. the least of which is a new technology code-named “Fiber” which provides the ability to create model-driven applications. The Adobe Common Data Model will allow developers to declaratively define a data model that will contain more than just structure and simple constraints. Within the data model you will be able to define business logic, variants, rules, etc. The very powerful approach will dramatically reduce development time while truly enable developers to separate data from presentation. 

ColdFusion 9 And Flash Builder 4

Previews of the next generation of ColdFusion and Flash Builder are still available on There are some very compelling reasons to check these out as well. ColdFusion 9 introduces many new features – a new Eclipse-based IDE (Bolt), turn your CFCs into services, integrate your CF applications with Exchange, etc.

Flash Builder 4 is also got some game… Enabling Flash Catalyst workflows by introducing a new component model called “Spark”, service discovery with auto-code generation, network monitor so that you can see what’s being sent and received by your Flash applications, etc. You will also need Flash Builder 4 if you want to have a look at the new Adobe Common Data Model introduced by LC Data Services 3.