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image We are just finishing up the first official day of MAX 2009. So far the LiveCycle ES sessions have been going very well. The pre-conference session held on Saturday and Sunday had over 70 people in the room. I was tearing up watching so many people using Workbench 🙂

We keynote on day 1 was very exciting. Not only did we announce LiveCycle ES2  and it’s availability by the end of this year (finally, I will be able to publicly blog about all the amazing new stuff in ES2) – we also announced the availability of LiveCycle Workspace ES2 for mobile. This app will enable you to access your process management tasks from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices. Read more on Matt MacKenzie’s blog. Another cool fact about this mobile application is that it is the very first Adobe application to make it on the iPhone AppStore!!! SWEET.

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