LiveCycle Workbench ES2 add-ons now available on labs.


The LiveCycle Workbench ES2 engineering team is providing existing LiveCycle ES2 customers with the opportunity to get access to new tooling features as they are being built! To get access to this new ES2 candy, navigate to


Here is an overview of what you will get in this update site ZIP file:

Variable Highlighting — The feature enables users to clearly see which variables are used for each activity that is selected on the process.

Approval Wizard — The feature enables users to design an approval task with ease of answering a few questions in a wizard.

Record & Playback shortcut — The feature allows users to start recording and open their recording from the invocation dialog.

Schema Editor — The feature enables users to use a visual editor to create schemas.

Application Filter — The feature simplifies the dialog that allows users to retrieve applications by filtering the application that already exist in their workspace.

Event Tooling — The new wizard and user interface designed for events will make creating events much easier.

Relationship Viewer — The feature allows users to see the relationship of forms to their fragments.

Type Selection Improvements — The display of the data types in the variable creation dialog has been made easier.

Server Log Viewer — Support for viewing the LiveCycle Server log in the new Workbench Server Log viewer.

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