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Tech Soft 3D to take over Adobe’s 3D technologies delivery

Adobe and Tech Soft 3D announced that Tech Soft 3D will be taking on development and delivery of Adobe’s 3D technologies. This includes LiveCycle PDF Generator 3D and Acrobat Professional Extended. For more information, read the Tech Soft 3D announcement and Kumar Vora’s blog post.

iPhone and iPad added to the list of targeted clients for LiveCycle ES

Yesterday, Apple announced that it has lifted restrictions in regards to third-party developer guidelines. I think this is good news for some enterprise developers that are looking to target “iDevices” as clients for their enterprise applications. By using the Adobe’s Packager for iPhone in CS5, developers can deploy their apps via the App Store. As mentioned in the blog post from Adobe Corporate Communications, the strong partnership between Adobe and other device manufacturers to get Flash Player and AIR running on their devices provides enterprise developers with an impressive reach for mobile.

Flex 4 Certification Study Released

For those of you looking to become an Adobe Certified Expert on flex 4, check out Attest 3.0. Holly Schinsky and David Flatley have released the latest version of their certification study tool. Of course, it’s an AIR application 🙂

A nicely done app that features mini and full exams with random questions.