TIP: Transitioning Flash Builder ADEP tooling from ADEP prerelease to release build


Like any other software package that moves along a release cycle, final tweaks were made to ADEP that can cause some inconsistencies for those of us that used a previous builds. In this case, I have found one of these inconsistencies while using the latest Adobe Enterprise Suite Extensions in Flash Builder 4.5.1 to create a Composite Application Framework (previously known as Mosaic) project.

When you create a Composite Application in Flash Builder, you will notice that a new folder called catalogs will be added to your workspace. This folder is a local “cache” of the Composite Application Framework catalogs that are stored in the ADEP experience server repository. When you install the experience server, you automatically get a default catalog aptly named default.cxml. Of course, you can create multiple catalogs for your Composite Applications – but that’s for another post.


If you have used previous prerelease builds of ADEP to create Composite Applications using Flash Builder, you will have this catalogs folder in your Flash Builder workspace. When you upgrade to a newer ADEP build, you need to delete this folder from your workspace before attempting to create a new Composite Application. One of these tweaks that has occurred between builds is that some tile definition attribute names have changed in the cxml file. Therefore, if you continue to use the old cxml format and try to deploy a new Composite Application, an error will be displayed in Flash Builder. The error will likely refer to the use of an invalid attribute called initialHeight – which has been changed to height.

Of course, deleting the catalogs folder means that existing Composite Applications you may have created in previous builds will no longer be registered in the repository. If you would like to keep your existing applications, then you would simply have to manually append your applications and tiles to the new default.cxml. Just be mindful to change the appropriate attributes like intialHeight to the new names. Don’t worry, the default.cxml has a commented block at the beginning that describes all of the attributes you may need.

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