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The AIR rocket has launched

Adobe has finally released Flex 3 and AIR 1.0. This is a major milestone in the evolution of RIA and business applications as we know them.  I’ll be the first one to admit that I did not jump on the AIR bandwagon from the start. Obviously, my focus on enterprise level applications has blurred my vision. As time passed and I actually tried building a couple LiveCycle ES applications using AIR as the client, I quickly realized that my initial "poo poo" opinion of AIR was dramatically incorrect. AIR is going to revolutionize the way enterprise applications are built and distributed.

Take the time to check it out. The buzz is all around consumer type applications for now, but as more and more enterprise developers discover the power and flexibility or AIR; it will spread like wild-fire.

AIR provides new ways to do business

Regardless of the vertical that you are in, one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is connecting mobile agents to back office processes. Once that agent leaves the connected world and begins his/her day interacting with customers, suppliers or citizens – something bad happens… All that investment in technology in the back office to increase efficiencies and save money falls apart.

Those field agents are collecting valuable information that needs to be processed as soon as possible – but how does that information make it back into the SAPs of the world? OK, maybe I am going a little over-board here… Many organizations have built custom solutions to bridge that gap or have found some specialized application that does most of what is required. Hmmm, how do we get this application installed on all of the mobile devices the field agents use? And what happens when Fred (good old Fred who built the custom application) leaves the company or gets a promotion? Who is going to maintain that app?

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