By Jeffry Booher
On June 3, 2015

When I Joined the Muse team in April I started researching writing widgets just to see what all the hubbub was about.

After a few days of editing without code coloring, syntax highlighting, etc… I decided to do something about it and wrote an extension for Brackets to code color the tags in a MuCow and add code completion so Brackets could help write the code for me.

Brackets Code Completion editing a MuCow

Code Completion List

The result was that I had an extension that would do all of those things but nothing prevented me or guided me into making sure what I was writing was valid MuCow. So I added MuCow validation.

Now on Open and Save Brackets will validate the MuCow and give me warnings when something is out of spec:

MuCow validation

Validating a MuCow

The bottom panel opens open whenever there is an error and there is a yellow Triangle

Warning Indicator

Brackets Status Bar with Warning Indicator

Now the MuCow validation is just simple XML validation. Muse can still detect a few problems that my validator can’t and, since it’s a standard XML validator, the messages can be a bit cryptic. For most cases, however, the messages are decipherable and, clicking on the line, should put the cursor where the problem exists.


Brackets Problems Panel with MuCow validation warnings

Checkout the video which shows the extension a little deeper and let us know what you think.