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RoboHelp – the Preferred HAT for Many

A poll to decide the most preferred Help Authoring Tool (HAT) is on for weeks now on the Technical Writers of India (TWIN) home page. TWIN is the meeting ground of new and experienced technical writers scattered over many metros of India and attracts thousands of visitors daily. But let’s get back to where I began: the poll to decide the most preferred HAT.

RoboHelp doggedly retains the top position with a whopping 85% percent of votes!

This is great news and reason enough for reaching out with Help to the wide network of RoboHelp users. Adobe’s commitment to integrate the community has seen many new initiatives in 2009. A Help and Support page for different products is one. On these pages, you will find a variety of Help resources—user guides, tutorials, videos, articles, and blogs—gathered from Adobe and community content. Check out the Help and Support pages for RoboHelp:

Text to Speech Feature of Adobe Captivate

Text to Speech is certainly one of the coolest features of Captivate 4. e-Learning course developers no longer need to budget for the time and cost of audio creation. This adds a new dimension to rapid authoring. And where individual users like trainers, managers, and software developers are concerned, they can now independently create a movie complete with audio.
All you need to do to generate the audio for a slide is add slide notes and select a voice. Captivate converts the slide notes into audio in seconds. If you want to generate audio for multiple slides in one go, you can use the Speech Management option.

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Frame, Rob, and Capture

Or, simply Help? Writing at Adobe, I can be envied for my easy access to some of the best authoring tools. On this page, I’ll be compiling nuggets of information that will supplement installed Help and help us become power users of FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and Captivate. Of course, every now and then, I will digress from the tool talk and talk authoring (authors will be another time and blog :)). Stay with me.