Tips to reduce editing time for Captivate movies

Anyone who creates computer-based tutorials for a client knows the kind of effort that goes into applying a consistent style, in on-screen text as well as visuals. If you are using Captivate to create these tutorials, there are many ways you can reduce post-production editing time.

One of the least-known ways is perhaps the way to change the default captions added by Captivate for various actions you record.

Let’s say the default caption for clicking a menu is “Select the

menu” and the style mandated by your client is “Click

”. Instead of editing the captions after you complete recording, you can minimize your editing time by editing the template file from which Captivate sources the default captions.This file is CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl, and can be found in your Captivate installation. Open the file in any text editor (wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could edit this file from within Captivate?) and modify the captions as you wish. Save and start recording.The Captivate team shares many smart tips and tricks on their blog. Here are some of my favorites:How to create training and assessment modules from one Captivate project to set default timing and transition properties and use them across slides, projects and sessions

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