Creating a Multi-Module Adobe Captivate 4 Movie with a TOC

Typically, when you create a multi-module course, you add a menu to support a user-driven learning path. When users can study the modules in any order or when a course has many modules, adding a visual clue to indicate user progress helps.

In Captivate 4, you can create a multi-module course that supports a user-driven learning path and also gives a visual clue (a checkmark) when a user completes a module by simply adding a TOC to the movie.

The steps to create a TOC are here.

If you are using a menu to create a multi-module course, check this article by Isaac Tabe. Isaac gives step-by-step instructions to show checkmarks on the menu slide of a multi-module Captivate movie based on user progress. The solution uses variables and advanced actions, a powerful way to add complex interactivity in your Captivate movie.

For more information on variables and advanced actions, see Captivate Help.

3 Responses to Creating a Multi-Module Adobe Captivate 4 Movie with a TOC

  1. Jo Hickey says:

    Can anyone tell me how to create a variable for the module number using captivate 4?I can do it using a text box on the first page, that is typed into, but if I only want to enter the module number on the first page and have it referenced on subsequent pages, I can’t seem to make it work.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. dilandinga says:

    SFg6dF I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!