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Undo History panel in Photoshop Elements

Every time you make a pixel change in a photo, Photoshop Elements saves the state. You can jump to any of the last 50 (default and configurable) states by selecting the state in the Undo History panel and start working from it. You don’t need to save a change in order for the change to appear in the history.


If you can’t find the Undo History panel in your workspace, open it from the Window menu.

For more information about the Undo History panel and a set of guidelines, see this article in Photoshop Elements Help.

Tips to reduce editing time for Captivate movies

Anyone who creates computer-based tutorials for a client knows the kind of effort that goes into applying a consistent style, in on-screen text as well as visuals. If you are using Captivate to create these tutorials, there are many ways you can reduce post-production editing time.

One of the least-known ways is perhaps the way to change the default captions added by Captivate for various actions you record.

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