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Story of the missing History brush

I was analyzing a search report for Photoshop Elements Help this morning. One of the instances of a high bounce rate (highlighted red in the report) was for ‘history brush’. I searched for ‘history brush’ in the Help PDF and found zero results.

Well, I am a new user of Photoshop Elements. And that’s the reason I expected it to be defined there. Had I been familiar with Photoshop Elements (and Photoshop), I would have instead googled for ‘history brush’. And that’s what I did next.
The scenario is crystal clear now. Photoshop users who are aware of the power of the History brush in Photoshop look for the tool in Photoshop Elements.

The History brush does not exist in Photoshop Elements.

The History Brush is useful for performing photo editing tasks, but it’s also a tool that can save you when you encounter one of those “Oops, I didn’t realize I’d done that” moments.

Has anybody figured out a way to simulate the History brush in Photoshop Elements?
Yes, of course. Here’s a list of resources to help you understand and experiment:

If you are a new user like me, let me know how easy or difficult it was for you to simulate the Photoshop History brush functionality with layers in Photoshop Elements.
And for those Photoshop users who are looking for a History brush in Photoshop Elements, I need to do something more. Because they are limiting their search in Help, I need to find the right place(s) in the Help and tell them that the History brush is not available in Photoshop Elements and point them to workarounds (pretty much what I have said here).

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