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Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2 Resources

Today is a big day for some of my favorite Adobe products. Having spent six years of my career in offshore CBT factories learning and implementing e-learning strategies (is Kurt Miles still around?), it’s not surprising that I am a wee bit more attached to Captivate and eLS.

New versions of these products are being shipped today and, finally, Captivate and eLS users get a chance to ‘play’ with these tools (links to download trial versions at the end of this post).
Ever since the new versions were announced, Twitter has been abuzz with queries about when they would be available in the store.


The good news for all users waiting to try new versions of Captivate and eLS is that Adobe Learning Resources and power users like R J Jaquez (@rjacquez), Allen Partridge (@AdobeELearning), Michael Lund (@cpguru_com), Mark Fletcher (@macrofireball), Kevin Seigal (@Kevin_Siegel), and many others have created several resources that should help you get started. We have tried to make some of these available to you from the Captivate and eLearning Suite Help & Support pages. It’s a good idea to bookmark them.

I am also listing a handful of resources here:

Core Help

Videos and Articles
End-to-End eLearning Development with Adobe eLearning Suite 2/
Adobe Captivate 5 for New Users/
The New UI in Captivate 5
Animation Effects
Master Slides
The New Effects Feature
Object styles will shave hours off of your development time!
Adobe Captivate 5: Quickest Quizzes Ever!
Constructing Test with Multiple Results (CP5)
Using Advanced Actions (CP5) to show conclusion, based on multiple scores
Widgets and the Widget API
A quick look at text to speech in Adobe Captivate 5
Leveraging the Cloud in Adobe Captivate 5

As you use the product and the resources, do share your learning with other users by commenting in the Help.

Download trial version of Captivate 5.
Download trial version of eLearning Suite.

More details about the products here.

Tweet to Help

Some days back, I spotted a tweet by Tom Johnson announcing his new post – Podcast on the Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging. I know that I have been a sinner, not having updated my blog for over a month.
Nowadays, I spend a good part of my day keeping an eye on my Twitter home. My primary intent is to play the information facilitator for RoboHelp, the Adobe product I document. Twitter gives me the means to shout out updates, new tools, hidden features, and events.
I follow the power users of RoboHelp on Twitter and easily get information when they post new content on the web. My job then is to map that content to core Help topics and add the links so that other users can benefit from this supplementary content.

Step 1: Spot the announcement of a useful post.


Step 2: Identify the relevant topic in Help and add a link to the post.


Step 3: Tweet about the Help update.


Twitter gets me thinking – in different directions. Every now and then, I get derailed and something non-RoboHelp catches my attention. I spot ‘cloud computing’ and become curious to find out about what the world is thinking about documentation for SaaS applications.
Johnson’s posts reassured me that these occasional detours are a necessary part of the social networking experience that we are seeking as corporate tweeters and bloggers. They broaden our interests, update us on the trends, and prepare us to create relevant and interesting posts (being irrelevant and being boring are two of the seven sins Johnson talks about).
You can check out Johnson’s blog for the other five sins. Meanwhile, what are the seven deadly sins of tweeting?