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XML API – How to give users permission to a Breeze 5.0 Meeting

I had a customer ask today how they would go about adding users to a Meeting list. The follow shows how to do with this 4 different user types.

Action = permissions-update

Parameters = principal-id (the sco-id of the user in Breeze)
                        acl-id (the sco-id of the Meeting)
                        permission-id (the level of permission to set)

How to add a Participant:

How to add a Host:

How to add a Manager (manage from within the Breeze Manager):

How to add a Presenter:

Debugging the XML API data

Since the XML API uses URL params (GET OR POST) to call the Breeze API you can create a URL string passing in the name/value pairs you want to test the results. It is as easy as logging into the Breeze Admin and passing parameters in the URL, as follows:

I’m using the filter-start and filter-rows to control the number of rows returned. I pass filter-like-name=nick to search for user with the name LIKE nick.