Creative Suite 2.3 for Nonprofit Organizations

Join us for a free eSeminar tomorrow, Wednesday January 17th @ 3PM EST – Register Now!:

Join Adobe experts as they conduct a free online seminar about using industry-leading Adobe software solutions. Discover how to implement creative solutions, and all you need is a computer with a browser, Adobe® Flash® player, and an Internet connection.

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Check it out: Captivate 2

On September 5th, Adobe announced the latest update to our product line: Captivate 2

Captivate 2 software is a perfect fit in the nonprofit tech world: it enables anyone (no Flash training necessary!) to create simulations, software demonstrations, and training modules. Captivate 2 automatically generates interactive content in Flash format, the industry-leading platform to share and view streaming content.

Of course, any qualified Nonprofit Organization can save on Captivate 2 – talk to a Nonprofit Authorized Reseller today!

Adobe Nonprofit eSeminar Series

Join us tomorrow for our second Breeze for Nonprofit Organizations eSeminar @ 1:00 PM EST! Click here to find the registration page for all of our upcoming eSeminars, including LiveCycle for Nonprofit Organizations on August 22nd @ 12:00 PM EST.

Alliance Conference

Hey everyone- join us at the Alliance Conference for Nonprofit Management in downtown Los Angeles today through Friday. We’ll have a booth today and tomorrow and also have one of our resources, John Schuman, leading breakfast roundtable discussions both tomorrow and Friday morning. Come say hello!

CTCNet Conference

Visit Adobe at the CTCNet Conference in Washington D.C., tomorrow (July 27th) through Saturday (July 29th) @ the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. Our Nonprofit Sales program is also sponsoring the Youth Media Showcase event, Friday (July 28th) at 7:30pm:

“Join 10 of CTCNet’s Youth Visions for Stronger Neighborhoods grantees as they present their short, student-created films that explore community issues of importance to youth. The showcase is being sponsored by Adobe Systems, Inc.”

Stop by our booth at the show and ask for some goodies!

Events tomorrow

Three events to check out:

Virtual: Our second ever Acrobat for Nonprofit Organizations eSeminar at 3PM EST. Sign up now!

Washington, D.C.: Adobe Nonprofit Licensing Event with Fig Leaf Software at 2PM EST. Click here for more info and to RSVP!

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Net Tuesday Meetup at 7PM PST. Click here to find out about the Net2LA group, part of the NetSquared community. site is live!

Our Nonprofit Solutions page on is now live!

Check it out @

What’s new on here:
-Pages focused on specific software solutions for Nonprofit Organizations
-Links to Nonprofit Resellers
-Links to our new Discussion Forum

Did you know…?

Did you know that you can try almost every piece of Adobe software before you buy? Find out first hand how Acrobat 7.0 Pro can help you communicate, collaborate and improve your organization’s workflow. Give Creative Suite 2 a try and see what kinds of rich media you can develop to spread your message. Visit to download free trial versions of our best programs!

Introducing Flex 2 & Flash Player 9

Today, we released new versions of Flex 2 and Flash Player 9! For those in the nonprofit community, Flash Player 9 provides ground-breaking performance for running rich Internet applications and rich media you deliver through your organizations via the Web. Flex 2 is be an incredible tool to create next generation Web applications and empowering your nonprofit to provide more dynamic user interfaces.

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Breeze eSeminar – June 21st

On June 21st at 9 AM PST, join us for our second eSeminar in our series for nonprofit organizations:

“Save time, save money and save the world. Learn how Macromedia Breeze by Adobe can help you produce high-impact web communications in an hour instead of months. Join this eSeminar to see Breeze first-hand and learn how it can revolutionize the way you train members of your nonprofit organization, meet with people in real time or deliver narrated presentations that your audience members can view at their convenience. ”

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