Welcome to Nonprofit @ Adobe!

Hi, my name is Nico, and I’m working on the Nonprofit team here at Adobe Systems, Inc.

We’ll be posting information about our new Nonprofit pricing program, as well as eSeminar news and software tips & tricks. Come back and check for updates!

5 Responses to Welcome to Nonprofit @ Adobe!

  1. thinman says:

    Wow. This is welcome news. There are those of us out here supporting the work of the NPO community in any way we can. We may bite the bullet and wrap our sweaty paws around the best tools in the business – Adobe! – but it’s hard to do a knowledge transfer and train up our NPO clients on trial versions of tools they can’t possibly afford. Nice to see you’re continuing your committment to supporting the NPO community!

  2. Igor Costa says:

    BTW great news, I hope will help out peopleinteresting idea from Adobe

  3. chris says:

    This is great news…any idea how long until you announce your new pricing and skews? We were in the market for a few new licenses but do want to miss opportunity!

  4. Paul Sapiano says:

    Great news guys. I work for the Red Cross and would love to learn how we can buy Adobe products that are affordable. We’re still using Photoshop 6. We tried to buy Photoshop CS2 through Techsoup last week but for some strange reason we didn’t qualify??

  5. Ellen says:

    Great work!