Introducing Flex 2 & Flash Player 9

Today, we released new versions of Flex 2 and Flash Player 9! For those in the nonprofit community, Flash Player 9 provides ground-breaking performance for running rich Internet applications and rich media you deliver through your organizations via the Web. Flex 2 is be an incredible tool to create next generation Web applications and empowering your nonprofit to provide more dynamic user interfaces.

“Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the availability of the Adobe® Flex™ 2 product line . . . and introduced a new tiered licensing model to bring the power of Flex development within reach of every application developer. With powerful tools based on Eclipse™, a robust data services offering, and the introduction of the free Adobe Flex 2 Software Development Kit (SDK), Adobe is equipping developers to build a new class of rich Internet applications with improved usability and effectiveness.” (click here to read more)&”Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Player 9 . . . the next-generation Flash Player client runtime. Flash Player provides a more secure, lightweight, robust runtime environment for rich media and enterprise-ready rich Internet applications. Flash Player 9 achieves up to 10 times faster performance through ActionScript 3.0 and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM), which features a Just In Time (JIT) compiler that translates ActionScript bytecode to native machine code for maximum execution speed.” (click here to read more)

2 Responses to Introducing Flex 2 & Flash Player 9

  1. Matt Kerner says:

    Will there be nonprofit pricing on Flex? If so, what is it?

  2. Nico Juber says:

    Flex is available at nonprofit pricing through any authorized FLP reseller. This does not fall within the Adobe Open Options Licensing program. Please visit for a list of resellers and contact them for more information. Thanks!