Creative Suite 2.3 for Nonprofit Organizations

Join us for a free eSeminar tomorrow, Wednesday January 17th @ 3PM EST – Register Now!:

Join Adobe experts as they conduct a free online seminar about using industry-leading Adobe software solutions. Discover how to implement creative solutions, and all you need is a computer with a browser, Adobe® Flash® player, and an Internet connection.

What’s new in Adobe® Creative Suite® 2.3 Premium Discover exciting, new features for producing print, web, and mobile projects with this complete design environment, which includes all-new Adobe Acrobat® 8 Professional and comes with Dreamweaver® 8. Adobe experts will show you how tighter integration among Creative Suite 2.3 components ‹ Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, GoLive®, and Acrobat – simplify creative and production tasks, enabling your organization to work more efficiently than ever. You¹ll also learn how Version Cue® CS2 includes enhancements in file versioning and review management, while other features such as Adobe Bridge, Adobe Stock Photos, color consistency, and unified Adobe PDF file creation offer greater productivity and collaboration.

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