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Here’s how to get the InDesign Debug version

One of the big advantages of the ASN developer program is access to the InDesign debug project. Access to the debug is controlled, and is different than access to the freely available InDesign SDK.

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Plug-In Names and References

When you choose a name for your plug-ins, please be careful of Adobe trademarks. Also, when you refer to them in your advertising, be aware that there are restrictions.

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List your plug-ins with Design Tools Monthly

Design Tools Monthly is a newsletter mailed out to a wide range of graphic professionals. Jay Nelson, the editor, also writes columns for various publications, including

To list your product, send information via one of the following:

Whence the HLA (High Level API)?

I’ve had a fair number of questions about obtaining the High Level API
– aka “HLA”. Sad to say, it’s not available anymore. It was an
experiment in simplying the InDesign SDK, and developers that tried it
weren’t satsified. We are constantly looking for ways to make
developers more productive, so we may revisit this concept in the
future. But for now, it’s not available.

Send us your press releases

When you release press notices about your plug-in, be sure to include me. I’ll circulate them to press contacts I know, and will also circulate them internally.

Promoting yourself at the Adobe Studio Exchange

Adobe Studio Exchange provides a wide range of actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files for Adobe products. You can provide freeware and demo versions.

To upload, go to . Instructions for uploading are on the left-hand column.

Submitting a Developer Support Question

There is a wide range of ways to get support for your development efforts – which of course, leads to a wide range of confusion. Here’s a summary of support options, and a description of why you might not be able to get there…

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InDesign ME and CE

Customers will sometimes ask you to support InDesign ME or InDesign CE. These are products created by Winsoft. Since these are licensed versions, it is difficult for us to obtain testing versions for developers.

InDesign 3 CE & ME as well as InCopy 3 CE & ME are built on an extended version of InDesign/InCopy. The extension makes it necessary to have a different SDK from the standard Adobe SDK. WinSoft does not provide a different SDK, but instead provides an “SDK supplement” that allows a developer to adapt his plug-in to the CE & ME versions.

Winsoft does support the enhanced SDK.

InDesign Worker – promote your plug-in here

The aim of InDesign Worker is to offer InDesign users a comprehensive, neutral and non-sale oriented database through the available plug-ins and additional tools. InDesign Workder provides professional and independent editorial evaluation through the InDesign-Worker editorial team, user ratings and user commentary of all tools. Localized into German and English.

There are English and German log-in areas that allow developers to post freeware or evaluation versions.

InDesign User Group promotes your plug-in

InDesign User Group is a website for international InDesign User Groups to share information. You can provide information about your plug-in for free in the Third-party listing.

To contribute information about your plug-in, contact Chris Converse