Here’s how to get the InDesign Debug version

One of the big advantages of the ASN developer program is access to the InDesign debug project. Access to the debug is controlled, and is different than access to the freely available InDesign SDK.

You can get access via two ways:

  1. A free ASN web listing and an email to mnr
  2. A basic or premium ASN membership

Via a free ASN web listing and email to mnr

  1. Get a free ASN web listing by going to . Select “First Time Here” area.
  2. Once you have completed the application, send a note to me ( mnr at adobe dot com ) requesting access to the InDesign debug. Tell me a bit about your company in your email.

Via A basic or premium ASN membership

  1. To join the ASN, you’ll need to create a web account first (use the “First time here” area).
  2. After you have a web account, then enroll in either a basic or premium membership.
  3. Access to the InDesign debug is part of the benefits of either basic or premium membership.

The debug can be downloaded from your ASN login area. Your ASN login area is accessed by going to the ASN login page at and using your email address and password. When you log in, your log-in area will look similar to this screen shot… Look in the “InDesign SDK Software Benefits” area for the debug software.The link for “Developer Software Benefits” will only show up if you are a premium developer and are entitled to additional software.If you have followed all of the above, and you cannot see the InDesign SDK download (this is a screen capture of an account without SDK access), it may be because you are not the primary account holder. The debug download is only visible to the logon with the primary email address. For example, suppose that “” is the person that created the ASN basic account. Bob then adds an additional account for “” The account is granted InDesign SDK access. When Bob logs on (, he will be able to see the debug. When Jim logs on ( he will not be able to see the InDesign debug. To find out who is the primary account holder, click on the Profile link in the upper right corner of your ASN screen. You should see a screen similar to this. The popup menu shows the primary contact on the account.If you change this popup, then logout, and log on again, you can make yourself the primary account holder. Be aware that when you do this, you will prevent the primary account holder from being able to download the SDK.

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