Submitting a Developer Support Question

There is a wide range of ways to get support for your development efforts – which of course, leads to a wide range of confusion. Here’s a summary of support options, and a description of why you might not be able to get there…

FREE – Adobe support forumsThis page is the index to the Adobe support forums, and includes developer support areas for products. You’ll find “Illustrator SDK”, “InDesign SDK”, “InCopy Scripting” and others. Questions posted in these areas will be viewed by other developers, and they may even post an answer. Adobe developer support engineers browse this area, but probably won’t answer any questions. Look out! Please don’t use this area to discuss confidential issues such as pre-release SDK’s.

MEMBERSHIP – Official discussion of support optionsThis is a useful page with direct links into Formal Developer Support. You’ll need an ASN (Adobe Solutions Network) membership, and once you have a login and password, you will be able to see “Submit your Support Case Online.”After you submit your case, you will receive a tracking number that looks something like “DCN345678.” This indicates that you successfully submitted a case, and it is in the queue. If you didn’t receive a “DCN” number, then you weren’t successful – either the system wasn’t working correctly, or the internet communication was broken.If you received a number that looks like “KMM7215413I6774L0KM” then you have written to ASN contract support (probably via ASN is helpful, but this particular group cannot help you with technical questions.Click here to see a registered developer logonIf your logon screen doesn’t look like the above popup, here might be some reasons:

  • “I don’t see any of the options when I log on!” – This is a screenshot of a web membershipBefore you can enroll in a registered ASN membership, you need to have a web membership. These are free, and don’t provide you with access to any of the benefits of an ASN membership. To get access to developer support, you’ll need to enroll in an ASN membership.
  • I can see the options – but when I try to submit a support case, it says I don’t have any cases available.” – This is either because you have a basic membership, or your premium membership is out of cases. In either case, you’ll need to buy a support case. Contact ASN

PRE-RELEASE AREA – If you were in one of the product testing cycles, you were given access to the pre-release site. This is a great place to post questions about pre-release software – but a bad place to post support questions about products that have already been released. Likewise, if you filed a support case as a bug, you may be waiting a long time for an answer. Any time-critical questions should be sent in as a support question using the ASN website as described above.

PHONE – We rarely set up phone conferences. In the few instances we have done them, we first insist that developers have submitted support cases via the online site, and we have exhausted that method of discussion.

VISITING ADOBE – This is really rare.

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