“Wouldn’t it be easier to email my support case?”

It sure would be convenient to email a developer support question directly to your favorite Adobe engineer. But they bounce, you shouldn’t and you really don’t want to.

They bounce…Developer support questions should be sent in via the method outlined on the support form. (Here’s details.) Different regions have different methods for submitting cases.If you try to initiate a case via a direct email, it will most likely bounce back.You Shouldn’t…When a request for support comes into the case tracker, we manage the priority assigned to that question. Usually, we treat them first-come, first-served. Sending questions in outside of the system is an attempt to cut to the head of the line. You wouldn’t want your question to get bumped – please don’t do it to your developer peers.You Really Don’t Want To…

  • Your case won’t be tracked Even if you are able to send in a question outside of the case tracker, you can’t be sure that it will get answered. The Adobe engineer you send your email to may be on vacation (or sabbatical), or assigned to a different project. It may wind up in a spam filter. WIthout a case tracking number, there isn’t any guarantee that anyone will see it.
  • Your question may not wind up with the most appropriate engineer Sending your InDesign question to an Illustrator engineer isn’t the best use of anyone’s time. And yes – this does happen.
  • Your question will probably be delayed Questions that come into support outside of the case tracking system get sent out to someone else – often me. The next task is to find out why this question came in through an unexpected channel. Is the system broken? Does the developer not understand how to use the case system? Is the author of the question entitled to support from Adobe Developer support? During the time these questions are being addressed, the request for developer support sits idle.

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