How to add additional developers to our ASN support account

Your ASN account provides support to your entire company. If you would like to add additional developers to your company account so that they can submit cases directly – instead of bothering you – here’s how.

Adding additional developers to your corporate account is done through your ASN login.

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the “update profile” link in the upper right of the screen. View image. This should produce a dialog titled “Partners and Developers” with two buttons – “User Profile” and “Companies/locations/partnerships”
  3. Click on “Companies/locations/partnerships”. This produces a dialog showing your company, location, support cases, and a list of partnerships.
  4. Click on your “Premium ASN Developer” or “Basic ASN Developer” account. Now you are looking at a dialog that lists your partnership contacts. On the top are four buttons – “Partnership”, “contacts”, “Products & Services”, and “Profile”. Click on Contacts.
  5. You now see a list of contacts. You can delete contacts, or add a new contact by clicking on “Add” located just below the four buttons.

You might want to have them review the other postings in this blog regarding how to submit a support case.Keep in mind that you are still listed as the primary account. Only the primary account can download debug projects or other controlled files.

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