Are there spaces available for developers in the trade show booth?

“I’m a developer, and I would like to appear in the Adobe Tradeshow booth”

Sad news – we no longer travel with a large booth that has room for partners. HOWEVER….

We are big fans of roadshows. These have proven to be a much more cost-effective way to promote our products, and provide third-party developers with a much better venue to present their products as well.Roadshows are scheduled on a quarterly basis. You can find a list of planned roadshows at” .If you see a roadshow that looks interesting, AND has a topic that aligns with your product focus, let me know. Some shows are not open to additional participants, but for the ones that are, I’ll help you get involved.Roadshows are typically set up at a major hotel, and provide you with a table in the lobby outside of the main presentation area. Power is sometimes supplied, Internet access is rarely available, although sometimes wireless is available, or can be arranged at an additional (usually LARGE) fee through the Hotel. In most cases, there is no additional fee to participate.You are responsible for your travel, meal and hotel expenses. Our expectation is that you will show up, behave in a professional manner, and promote your products to any seminar attendees that walk by. Because you are positioned in a major traffic area, you can expect to be seen by about 200 to 500 attendees, depending on the show.In some cases, you can speak with the presenters and offer a doorprize product for promotion from the main speaker stage. Roadshows are tightly scripted, so there will not be time for you to present from the stage.

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