Fate of Codewarrrior 9.3

Adobe Developer Support can only support the use of CodeWarrior 9.3 with the Adobe InDesign CS2 Product Family SDK – which is no longer commercially available. Further to this, our investigations with CodeWarrior 10 has highlighted library incompatibilities.

The bottom line is, CodeWarrior 10 should not be used with the with the Adobe InDesign CS2 Product Family SDK.

Freescale, the publishers of CodeWarrior, are supportive of our efforts, and are working with us to resolve the issue. I’ll have more details as they are worked out.

Here are some things you’ll need to know if you are trying to get a copy.First – you are looking for CodeWarrior 9.3. The Manufacturer’s Product Number is CWX-MAC-PROCL-CX. It’s official title is CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OSMetrowerks was purchased by Freescale, who is moving to the embedded controller space. I’ve spoken with representatives from Freescale, who confirm that Codewarrior for Macintosh was not picked up, and that there is no official source of inventory. The representative suggested Google and Ebay.Freescale’s website lists a supplier of obsolete products: Obsolete products which points to Rochester Electronics. I called Rochester Electronics – they didn’t know anything about it.PCMall lists CW as “Please Call For Availability.” A call to them produced no results.Checking Froogle for the part number CWX-MAC-PROCL-CX produced no results.ClubMac lists Codewarrior, but also says to call for availability.Apple has an interesting page which unfortunately isn’t going to solve this problem.

2 Responses to Fate of Codewarrrior 9.3

  1. Jimmy says:

    So I should put my copy of CodeWarrior 9.3 up on eBay and retire to Hawaii?

  2. Rich says:

    I found a place that had 1 copy left. Thanks for the Info. Hopefully they find it and ship it.Customer Service DepartmentJourney Education Marketing(800) 874-9001 – Toll Free(972) 481-2150 – FAXCustServ@JourneyEd.comwww.JourneyEd.comRich