Why Creative Suite Developers Care about Apollo

If you’re developing for InDesign, you may not give much thought to Acrobat, Flash, or other “non-paper” distribution methods. If you’re working on Photoshop or Illustrator, you probably have a bit more awareness.

However, if you’re at all associated with the newspaper or magazine segments, then you probably already know that Ziff Davis has decided to discontinue Playstation Magazine . The internet is hurting print – most newspapers will agree that falling distribution numbers can be attributed to consumers getting news online.

So take a moment to learn about Apollo….

Apollo is Adobe’s plan to integrate our various online platforms into one coherent plan. And that plan includes Creative Suite Developers such as yourself.If you missed the presentation at the recent developer summit regarding the engagement platform, here’s a second chance. We’ve scheduled our next online Apollo seminar on 11/28 at 3 pm ET, with Luis Polanco, the Apollo Product Manager. You can register for this online session here.You might also want to check this presentation by Todd Hay, Director, Platform Marketing & Developer Relations .In short – if you are developing products that touch information, you should be aware of Adobe’s plans for a coherent distribution platform.

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