Another way Spam is hurting you!

Spam is making me crazy. And worse – it’s preventing me from getting information to you!

Like everybody else, I’ve always been annoyed by spam in my email box. I’ve transitioned from deleting spam, to labeling spam, to reporting spam, to actively tracing spam back to source ISP and reporting date, time, port and headers. But spam is creating a new annoyance – because of the necessity of spam filters, much of our business-critical information isn’t getting through to you. For example, the Adobe pre-release system requires that we send an invite out to each developer to let them know they have been accepted, and contains instructions for logging onto the system. Lately, I’m finding that many of those messages aren’t getting through spam filters. Sometimes you can check your spam filter boxes and retrieve the message. But I’m also guessing that spam is being trapped upstream from your ISP, and that you have no way of knowing that a message was ever sent.This isn’t the fault of the ISP trapping spam – it’s the fault of the jerks creating the problem in the first place.Even this blog is locked down. Due to the amazing amount of spam comments that I received, I finally required registration before you can post. Personally, I wouldn’t register to post my less-than-interesting comments, and I suspect that along with the cessation of spam comments, I have also ceased receiving any sort of comments from you.At a recent developer outreach conference, several speakers addressed the inability to reach developers via email, and that passive systems (rss feeds) were the only way left to communicate. That works fine for one-to-many communication – but in the case of the Adobe Pre-Release program, we need a one-to-one method.So what to do?First – be aware that the volume of spam, which requires increasingly aggressive spam filters, is hurting your ability to do business.Second – do something about it. Don’t just filter spam – report it.Third – we’re all clever engineers – spend fifteen minutes and think up a nifty way to solve this problem.

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